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Website Development

Close the Loop Group produces responsive websites that reflect your company and brand’s character and unique offering, displayed with equal impact and ease of use across devices. By building a beautiful and interactive website, we will help your company increase conversions and overall traffic, leading to more business. We understand your company’s .com experience is a great way to start new customer relationships and improve your communication with your current customers.


Close the Loop Group approaches every project with a fresh set of eyes. We’ll build out your website and fully customize and fine tune it for every imaginable detail. The digital representation of your brand is paramount to our process and you can see this in our work.


We build every single web project to have a user-friendly backend so that anyone can manage future updates without any technical experience or coding knowledge. We’re always here to help, but by design, our clients don’t need to rely on us for updates or changes (or pay monthly maintenance fees).

Fully Responsive

Given the ever-increasing reliance on phones, we approach every website project with a Mobile-first perspective. This ensures that your website will work just as well as your customers are on the go as when they’re surfing the web at work.

E-commerce Solutions

Close the Loop Group has built or relaunched just about every type of E-commerce site imaginable, ranging in organizational type and scale from corporate legal and financial companies, all the way to individual yoga studios. Regardless of the size of the project and client, we deliver the same dedication to making sure that your company’s products are as digitally appealing as they are in real life, and always ensuring SEO best practices to help you sell as many widgets as possible.


Understanding the raison d’être of an e-commerce store is to sell things, we design and program every e-commerce solution to make sure the shopping experience is seamless and you’ll be ringing the register more than ever before. Somehow we find our competitors miss this obvious aspect of design.


SEO Standards

Given CTLG’s MarTech background, we fully appreciate the importance of SEO & Inbound Lead Generation. For this reason, we develop every single property to be as visible as possible across all search engines and social alike.


We’ve built E-commerce sites on WordPress using WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more. Depending on your needs and the size of your store, we’ll find the perfect solution to drive your e-commerce business to the next level.

Empowering Agency Partners

Close the Loop Group has a rich history of partnering with agencies to help achieve your client’s goals and manage all of the web design and development needs. By partnering with Close the Loop Group, you focus on your expertise in managing your clients, creative, and design, and let us outsource all the web-technical aspects to provide the strongest platform possible.


Broader Offering

Pitch our skillset, web/platform solutions, and portfolio as your own, and then we can team up to help with your client deliverables.

Happier Clients

With CTLG as your partners, we can collectively provide a one-stop solution to meet all of your clients’ needs under one shop.

More Business

By partnering together, we can take on bigger and better clients, and collectively grow our businesses.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Through our sister company Chainlink Relationship Marketing, we help companies improve their digital presence by conducting in-depth market research, planning precision campaigns and targeted programs, provide the highest level of execution, and then constantly optimizing for the strongest results.

We’re huge believers in Marketing Attribution & ROI, so we implement the most advanced tools available in the marketplace to monitor which efforts should be increased/decreased, and ensuring our clients are getting the most from their marketing spend.


We help clients’ drive their digital presence to new levels, whether through organic optimization, or paid banner ads and Search Engine Marketing

Attribution & ROI

Every modern marketer is looking for proper attribution, and given our MarTech background, we have some proven solutions to help you justify and optimize your marketing spend. We can help plan campaigns, research past efforts, and optimize ongoing programs to ensure you’re driving the highest ROI possible.

Email & Direct

While email marketing still has the taboo of being old fashioned, it still remains the highest ROI digital marketing vertical available. It does even better when you can tie your physical marketing (print, mailers, QR Codes etc) together. Our proprietary technologies can help you do this.

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