Services & Solutions

    • Integrated Marketing
    • Search and Visibility
    • Backend Development
    • Custom WordPress Plugins

    • API Development
    • Custom WordPress Themes
    • Custom Platform Development
    • Platform Integrations

    • Data Attribution Services
    • Ecommerce Customization
    • Website Development
    • Mobile Responsive Design

Website Development

Close the Loop Group works with your design and content to produce responsive websites that reflect your company and brand’s character and unique offering, displayed with equal impact and ease of use across devices. By building a beautiful and interactive website, CTLG will help your company increase conversions and overall traffic, leading to more business. We understand your company’s .com experience is a great way to start new customer relationships and improve on your communication with your current customers.


Custom Software/Platform Development

Close the Loop Group has developed custom projects for clients around the country, ranging from custom databases and fully custom CMSs, to full Yii product launches. We collaborate with our clients to determine what features and technologies fit best with the goals of the application and deliver a fully functional bespoke finished project. With full-time designers and developers, we can work from the inception of the project through delivery, or we’re happy to step in further down the road to support and complete certain aspects of the platform, such as the UI or backend functionality.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Close the Loop Group delivers Page 1 search rankings for our clients by conducting rigorous analysis and keyword research, devising thorough on & off-page strategy and content gameplans, and implementing across your site and interacting with valuable content partners, including Influencers, Social Media and PR. CTLG drives increased results and will help to enhances your brand’s visibility across all search, including owned, earned, and paid.


Marketing Automation

Through Close the Loop Group’s subsidiary, Chainlink Relationship Management, we can help your brand with all of its digital inbound and outbound digital marketing efforts. With Chainlink’s fully automated marketing platform, you can can reach all of your customers and prospects on a one-to-one basis. Each response or interaction is then stored in Chainlink’s Data Warehouse, allowing you to properly segment and provide the most effective messaging to improve the ROI of your digital marketing efforts.