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Agency Partners

Close the Loop Group has a rich history of partnering with agencies to help achieve your client’s goals and manage all of the web design and development needs. By partnering with Close the Loop Group, you focus on your expertise in managing your clients, creative, and design, and let us outsource all the web-technical aspects to provide the strongest platform possible.

Broader Offering

Pitch our skillset, web/platform solutions, and portfolio as your own, and then we can team up to help with your client deliverables.

Happier Clients

With CTLG as your partners, we can collectively provide a one-stop solution to meet all of your clients’ needs under one shop.

More Business

By partnering together, we can take on bigger and better clients, and collectively grow our businesses.

Grow Your Business & Win More Customers

When your agency partners with Close the Loop Group, it allows you to go after new business with a broader offering of solutions for your clients. You can pitch our skillset, web and platform solutions, and portfolio as your own, and then we can team up to help with your client deliverables. We can also help when you’re in the process of pricing a proposal, ensuring that everything your client is looking for is achievable, and you fully understand the scope and cost of the project.


CTLG excels at collaborating with your team to design & build your client’s websites with powerful software so you can focus on content creation and your client’s marketing needs.


We’re flexible. Sometimes agencies come to us with final content and website design; other times we’re involved at the inception of the project to provide our technical insights and recommendations.

Planning & Costs

We often help our Agency Partners plan and pitch projects from the beginning to make sure that everything can be accomplished within budget and we don’t lead to excess project scope.

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