Industry & Vertical Experience


Close the Loop Group works with our B2C clients to develop cutting edge websites and platforms that are built to keep up with the ever-increasing expectations of the modern online shopper. Our marketing solutions stay ahead of the curve, allowing your brand to anticipate your customers’ purchasing habits and track various buyer personas, ensuring your site has the most relevant content for your audience. We’ve worked with startups and large established companies across multiple B2C verticals. CTLG has extensive experience working with a broad range of clients, ranging from fashion brands, real estate, health & beauty, and wellness brands to yoga studios and insurance agencies. Regardless of the size and feel of your business, we always deliver websites that convey each brand’s message and positioning.



CTLG builds websites that project your company’s industry authority, required in the uber-competitive technology sector. We work closely with our tech clients to develop websites that properly convey your expertise to clients and prospects, whether your offering is a SaaS product, software, or you offer services or consulting. Our experienced designers, developers & marketers deliver conversion-focused sites that will give your business more exposure, provide more qualified leads, and increase repeat business. CTLG will execute an effective digital solution with leading design, curated content, and targeted marketing.



Close the Loop Group’s designs travel web solutions that capture the joys of traveling and translate into to a great user experience found on your website. We create digital solutions that drive traveler traffic to your site, establish you as the utmost authority on travel, and display that your company can provide the key elements of a wonderful vacation or travel experience. CTLG is constantly monitoring digital trends and studying customer behaviors and consumer trends to provide the most relevant content and curated websites to fulfill all traveler needs. We will work with you to create a digital solution that conveys your personal brand and offering to drive new business and engage with current and prospective customers.



CTLG creates interactive websites that convert the passion of diehard sports fans into consistent customers and brand ambassadors. We’ve worked across sports industry verticals, including with teams, individual players, stadiums, and front-offices of global franchises. CTLG’s design and project managers collaborate to solve all your goals, whether your company is a wearable consumer product startup or an NFL team (we’ve worked with both). CTLG executes engaging websites that capture your fans’ attention and provides curated sports content and information, and most importantly drives interactions and conversions.


Small Business

CTLG understands the necessity for small businesses to establish a big online presence (we are one!), and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke website that makes a splash and publicly displays your company’s value proposition from the start. With a constant budget-focus, we can create a customized site that will grow in-step with your business and you can update and manage in-house after the website goes live, removing the cost for future development. We’ve worked with small businesses that are looking to grow, and some that want to stay local, and either way we collaborate to make sure your website meets your needs and we’ll provide support every step of the way to make sure you can go toe-to-toe with the big guys.


Real Estate

CTLG will collaborate with your team to convert your company’s or property’s unique characteristics into a beautiful website that is representative of your brand. We create breathtaking digital solutions that will help you win new customers and grow your business. We’ve worked across the real-estate spectrum, from agents and brokers, to developers and property maintenance companies, always delivering custom websites that convey the essence of your brand and positioning. CTLG’s digital real estate solutions will create an interactive experience with your customers by showcasing all of your products and services, and lead to more business and closings.



CTLG understands that credibility and trust are paramount in the medical community, and we’ll create websites and experiences that will project your sterling reputation to the digital world. We’ve worked with hospitals, surgeons, dentists, insurance specialists, and many others across the medical industry. CTLG creates interactive digital solutions for your clients and partners to use as a resource, whether it be for medical information, to book appointments, or simply education. We’ve created sites with APIs directly linked into appointment booking services and insurance offerings, establishing your web portal as the starting point for your patients and customers for their medical issues, and helping to grow your business.



Luxury brands are built on their reputation and appearance. Close the Loop Group creates sophisticated digital solutions that act as a seamless extension of your brand positioning and will help elevate your brand image. We design elegant luxury websites that communicate with your high-end tasteful customers on the level they expect of your products and services. CTLG will help launch a digital experience that is consistent with your brand echelon, and will help to grow your relationship and sales with your prestigious customers.


Food & Beverage

Close the Loop Group specializes in catering custom websites that match the flavor and profile of your company’s delicious brands. We build interactive digital solutions that showcase your premier brands’ positioning to customers and buyers alike. CTLG has worked with companies ranging from Health & Wellness startups, to global Liquor brands, to traditional offerings in the grocery store. CTLG will help to tell your brand’s’ stories, nutritional values, strategic positioning, and ultimately grow your brand loyalty and awareness.



Close the Loop Group creates websites for our financial customers that instill trust and credibility in your customers and partners, while at the same time driving traffic to your business and providing more qualified leads. We’ve worked with a variety of financial institutions, ranging from mortgage brokers, hedge funds, to larger mutual fund companies. Regardless of the size of your firm, we custom tailor your web offering to match the needs and goals off your customers, partners, and clients. CTLG will work with your team to build a website that can be an education resources tool for your clients and customers, and at the same time act as a lead generation tool for your business.


Entertainment & Media

Close the Loop Group consistently executes vibrant digital solutions for the entertainment industry that wow audiences, customers, and fans alike. CTLG’s design team understands the needs of artists and media reps, and we’ll collaborate with your team to make sure that your project, musician, or big-screen release draws the attention of crowds and critics from across the board. CTLG has experience working with individual artists or other experiential marketing teams to make sure that your event has a buzz before the actual date, you can interact with fans before and after, and get feedback post event. We’ll help you grow your audience and overall business across the media landscape.



Close the Loop Group has extensive experience creating dynamic Ecommerce sites that drive traffic to your site and will help increase your sales. CTLG’s custom platforms encourage your customers to interact with your store and shop more. We customize essential features such as related products, product filtering, and dynamic shopping carts; all to drive incremental sales and provide visibility for your other products. CTLG’s Ecommerce solution will help to build brand loyalty, take customer information for future remarketing endeavors, and seamlessly integrate through APIs with all major platforms including Shopify, Magento and more, or we can build a custom checkout.


Beauty & Fashion

Close the Loop Group collaborates with your design and aesthetic to create online solutions that match your taste and fashion sense. CTLG has worked with new fashion startups to established national retailers, cosmetics companies, and more. We design interactive websites that communicate with your customers, explaining the benefits and key features of your products and services. CTLG will launch a digital experience that is consistent with your brand identity and grow your relationship and loyalty with your customers.



Close the Loop Group understands that successful B2B sales are not just about a one time upfront deal closing, but forming lasting relationships that lead to recurring work and service down the road. We develop conversion-focused websites and platforms that capture and engage with your prospective buyers, provide relevant and curated content, and help your customers throughout their buying process. With integrated form and lead capture tools, we can also help to grow your list of qualified leads, increase the integrity and size of your marketing lists, and provide valuable information to your sales team. CTLG has experience with API integrations for all CRMs and other sales tracking tools, and we can provide digital solutions that will help you grow your business.



CTLG designs engaging digital solutions that will drive traffic and customers to your website and fully reflect the feel of your brand. We collaborate with auto dealers, manufacturers, repair specialists, and automotive financing companies to make sure that their web personality matches their business, and their website yielding new clients and sales. CTLG creates engaging digital solutions for auto companies providing relevant information and details about your capabilities and service offerings. Your website will used as a consumer resource, and in the process convert browsers into loyal customers and brand enthusiasts.



Close the Loop Group collaborates with your organization to create engaging websites that energize advocates, drive awareness and fundraising efforts, and grow support for your cause. We understand many non-profits are very cost sensitive, so we have different packages to best fit your non-profit’s goals and resources. Each custom-designed digital solution can be easily edited and updated by your staff, reducing the cost of future development after your website goes live. CTLG will create your website with your organization’s purpose in mind, and we’ll make sure you achieve your non-profit’s digital goals!



Close the Loop Group executes custom designed campaign websites that aligns with your campaign’s messaging across all media channels. CTLG campaign sites are easily updated and edited, allowing anyone on the campaign staff to easily add and edit content, multimedia, press releases, and event schedules. Our custom designs will drive traffic to your campaign, helping you hit your fundraising targets, raising local awareness and support, and interacting with constituents. Your modern and dynamic political site will have all the tools to ensure a successful campaign.